1. Program Introduction

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Teaching Plan

Chinese international students in Taiyuan Normal University mainly recruit international students whose learning period is more than one academic year and whose native language is Non-Chinese or overseas Chinese. The training plan is divided into three levels: primary, intermediate and advanced, and students at all levels are differentiated according to the actual Chinese basis of international students. The courses offered at all levels are divided into compulsory courses and elective courses. The courses are offered from one semester to one academic year, which can be adjusted flexibly according to students' specific conditions.


I.         Division of levels

1.      Elementary Chinese Class

The students in this class are Chinese beginners (including zero) studying in China. This phase of the teaching to the principle of practicality and communication through tone pronunciation, vocabulary, grammar, and other Chinese language teaching and training of basic knowledge and skills, to let the students to master the correct pronunciation, intonation and basic method to write Chinese characters, Chinese language expression ability and cultivate students' basic application ability, can meet the needs of the basic daily life and study.

2.  Intermediate Chinese Class

The students in this class are Chinese learners in China at the primary level. This stage of teaching is based on the principle of practicality and comprehensiveness, paying attention to the coordinated development of language knowledge and language skills, strengthening cultural factors of communication, and on the basis of the primary Chinese level, enabling students to further grasp relevant vocabulary and Chinese grammar rules and further improve their Chinese communicative ability.

3.  Advanced Chinese Class

The students in this class are intermediate Chinese learners studying in China. This stage aims to further develop and improve the comprehensive Chinese application ability and comprehensive language communication ability of overseas students, so that they can conduct effective communication in Chinese fluently and appropriately in a wider field of life and work.


II.       Training Objectives:


Training Objective

Assessment Criteria

Elementary Chinese

Master   600 common words, 185 elementary grammar points and items. Basic Chinese   communication, reading and writing skills. Ensure the teaching time is up to   800 hours per academic year

National   Chinese language proficiency test (HSK) level 2

Intermediate Chinese

Master   1,200 medium level words and corresponding Chinese characters, and 80 medium   level grammar points and items. Have general listening, speaking, reading,   writing and translating ability to meet the general needs of daily life, study   and work within a certain range.

National   Chinese language proficiency test (HSK) level 4

Advanced Chinese

Master   2,500 advanced words and corresponding Chinese characters, about 100 advanced   grammar points and items. Have the language communication ability at a higher   level, have a deep understanding of Chinese cultural background, have the   ability to use bilingual thinking.

National   Chinese language proficiency test (HSK) level 5, students can accept the   professional courses taught in Chinese.


III.    Chinese Elementary Class System in 2019:

The Chinese beginner class is planned to set up a semester, the teaching time is 17 weeks, 28 class hours per week, plus 5 special lectures (10 class hours in total) per semester, a total of 486 class hours.

IV. Assign weekly class hours for Chinese beginners in 2019

1.  10 class hours for Elementary Chinese Comprehensive

2.  6 class hours for Elementary Oral Chinese

3.  4 class hours for Elementary Chinese Listening

4.  2 class hours for Elementary Chinese Reading

5.  4 class hours for Chinese Culture Overview (including Chinese traditional festivals, etiquette, places of interest, laws and school system, etc.)

6.  2 class hours for Physical Education (including Chinese martial arts and various physical exercises)

7. 10 class hours for special lectures in a semester (scheduled according to teaching needs, not per week. All arrangements, content including folk music, folk dance, calligraphy, Chinese painting and other content)


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